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4 Exercises That Burn More Calories

Walking, jogging, swimming and cycling — these are some of the common exercises people do when they want to burn fat, but they actually don't burn as much as you might think. Long bouts of cardio will burn fat but not as much as short, intense bursts. Exercises that burn the most fat and calories are big, compound movements that challenge the largest muscles in your body. They get your heart up rapidly and push your body to the limits.

1. Circuit Training

Circuit training is a new type of workout that is steadily becoming more and more popular in the US given its effective way in burning calories in a relatively short period of time. A laid-out course that includes around a dozen of exercise stations needs to be completed by a person within 30 minutes.

Circuit training involves boxing, machines, sprints and lifting of light weighs. The set of routines will help boost cardiovascular activity, strength, lateral movements and most importantly burn calories. Rest periods are quick, as the trainer will push you to transfer from one workout station to another.

The key thing about circuit training exercises is it helps in calorie burning, as movements are very dynamic and depends hugely on momentum. The trainer will make sure that your heart rate will not drop sharply during the duration of the workout.

Higher heart rate will lift blood circulation considerably and eventually help metabolism accelerate, which is crucial in calorie burning. If you do not have too much time but still want to exercise to lose weight, circuit training may be just for to burn those calories.

2. Swimming: Approximately 680 calories per hour

Freestyle works, but you should aim for a vigorous 75 yards per minute pace, McCall says. This is a little aggressive for a casual swimmer. (Butterfly stroke is even more effective if you feel like getting fancy.)

3. Sprinting

This should come as no surprise. You'll never see a fat sprinter running down the track. Sprinting pushes the large muscles of your legs to their max and raises your heart close to its max in a very short amount of time. The American College of Sports Medicine says interval training, such as sprinting, that involves quick bursts of maximum-intensity exercise alternating with moderate intensity recovery periods, consumes calories faster than a steady level of intensity during the same time period.

4. Resistance Training

Resistance training is one type of exercise that will make your body a calorie-burning machine. Lifting weights for around an hour will enable the body to burn calories for the entire day especially if done in the morning.

Various studies have shown that women doing resistance training for around 4 months increased the rate of their metabolism by 15% or 1% weekly.

Increasing and strengthening muscle tissue also enables people to burn calories even during rest periods. Those that choose the starvation route should know that this technique is never effective and will only result in the body consuming the good fat, which is muscle.

Given the various options on how to burn calories, choose the best that will provide the most fun, as this will likely lead to attaining the best results.