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6 Exercises Forearm Muscle Building

It is extremely important not to neglect working your forearms during your exercise routines. The hands, wrists, and forearms should be prioritized while warming up and while working out. Below, I will review and demonstrate several stretches and essential exercises that will allow you to build strong and symmetric forearms.

Forearm Muscle Building 

The first exercise for forearm muscle building is the palm down wrist curl. Grab two dumbbells and place your hands on a bench. You need to sit on your knees with this exercise. In a slow motion, move your wrist up as far as you can and then back down to the starting position.

Forearm Muscle Building Exercise
The Gritty Details

When it comes to training your forearms directly, Kreipke has three recommendations:

    Perform higher reps: 10-20, with an average of 15 per set
    Take less rest between sets: just enough time to allow the burn to subside, rather than a full minute
    Train them long and hard: 60-plus reps a workout

"The isometric grip work from your other pulling work—assuming you didn't use straps—should give you plenty of work in the higher-intensity range [using heavy weights for lower reps]," Kreipke says. 

Forearm Muscle Building Exercise
 Curl the barbell

 Curl the barbell up and toward you. With a slow, controlled motion, you want to curl the barbell up and toward you. By moving the barbell slowly, you maximize the gain on each repetition. You want to curl your wrists all the way, bringing the barbell as close to you while only using your wrists as possible, before letting it back down.[12]

    At the apex of this motion, you will feel the hard squeeze in your forearms.[13]

Forearm Muscle Building Exercise
Seated Reverse Wrist Curls

 This is to develop your extensor muscles and is also done in a seated position with your forearms on your thigh, palms facing downward, with the wrist three to four inches away from the knees. Grasp the weight and extend the wrist fully. Do this for 3 sets of 20 and be sure to not lift the elbows from the thighs when extending the wrists. Keep the palms down.

Forearm Muscle Building Exercise

This exercise for forearm muscle building is called the seated palm down wrist curl. You place your forearm on your thigh as with the exercise above, but this time you have your palm downwards.
The difference between these two exercises and the first two is that when you place your forearms on a bench, you have a steady and firm resting place for your forearms. But when you place them on your thighs, they won’t rest that steady and it will be much like using free weights when training large muscle groups.

Forearm Muscle Building Exercise
plate Curls

The next step to big, menacing forearms is to increase how hard your fingers can pinch together. Train this grip by varying the way you hold your weights.

Instead of doing a bicep curl with a dumbbell, use a plate and grab it by its end. Do 5-6 sets of 4-8 reps; if you can do more, use a heavier plate.