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Workouts Chest to Gain Muscle Fast

As I mentioned above the chest has always been a challenge, so let me give you several solid tips and chest exercises to nudge that stubborn chest into new growth.

Chest exercises fall into two main categories: presses and flyes. Although that seems pretty straight forward, it's what you do with your presses and flyes that can make the difference to your Chest Workouts.

Bench Press: Leave your ego at home - in other words, good form is the key, back on the bench, legs on the floor, no weird twisting, arching and jerking.

 Flyes: One tip when performing a fly is to keep your little finger a little higher than your thumb. For me, this hits the chest muscle better, try it and see what it does for you.

Legs: Believe it or not, you can add upper body mass by doing heavy leg work, especially squats. Some say by as much as 10%, so if you aren't doing heavy squats, start now!

 Incline over Flat: Include plenty of incline work; more than flat if possible. This really works the lower chest, preventing the Man Boob effect.

Intensity: Heavy negatives, drop sets, forced reps, rest pause, supersets, and tri-sets are great
               ways of increasing intensity during your chest workouts.