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Bicep Training & Supersize Your Arms

If you want bigger guns, you’re probably already doing plenty of curls. Biceps curls, dumbbell curls, Zottman curls, concentration curls—the list goes on. Why aren’t your sleeves digging marks into your bulging arms yet?

Here’s where curls come up short: The biceps have two heads, and strict curls hit the long head more effectively than the short head. What many may think are indirect methods to hit the guns—like pullups—can actually have much more effect than meets the eye. The following moves recruit tons of muscle fibers and allow you to lift more weight—the keys to seeing your arms swell. (For a full-body metabolic workout that builds muscle and incinerates fat.

Bicep Exercise 1: Standing EZ-Bar Curls

This is indeed one of the most basic exercises for building huge arms. But it is extremely effective. Here's the deal though; you'll see many people load up the bar with a lot of weight and almost throw their back out trying to perform the lift. This isn't going to build huge biceps; it's going to kill your back and put you out of commission for several weeks. Instead, lighten the weight a little and make sure you get full range of motion extending all the way down just shy of locking out your arms then flex your biceps hard at the peak.

Bicep Exercise 2: Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls

This exercise can prove to be one of the toughest of in your bicep training. If you execute the movement properly, your biceps will feel like they're on fire. Just like with the above bicep exercise listed don't sway or use your back. Use good form, get the squeeze and make sure you feel the movement.

Bicep Exercise 3: Preacher Curls

Some have a tendency to fly through this exercise in their bicep training. Preacher curls are great because they keep you from using your body to get the weight up. This places emphasis directly on your biceps. However, don't just go through the motions. Keep the same concepts as above using full range of motion and getting that squeeze.

Bicep Exercise 4: Dumbbell Hammer Curls

These are great for building massive biceps. Don't be afraid to grab a pair of heavy dumbbells. You can generally use more weight on hammers than doing traditional curls. Throw these into your bicep training routine towards the end.