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Biceps Growth Cycle Workout

Ultimate Muscle Mass- Bicep CurlsIf you’re biceps just won’t respond and you’re tired of spinning your wheels, then give this basic but effective biceps training cycle a spin . . . you’ll be impressed with the results.
For this program you want to train your biceps only once per week using the following cycle.

Go all out in your biceps training during this week. You want to perform no more than 5-6 working sets (not including warm-ups) using 3-4 exercises. For optimum mass building results, stick to reps in the 6-8 range.
Train to failure on each set. Up your intensity with Drop Sets, Negatives, and Forced Reps on a couple of these exercises. Use your favorite mass building movements for the biceps. Here’s a few possibilities:

Standing Barbell Curl 

 Incline Dumbbell Curls 

Preacher Curls

Hammer Curls 

Straight Bar Cable Curls 


The idea for this week is to simply pump some blood into your biceps with a fairly light training session.

Don’t use any of the high intensity techniques you used during Week 1.

Try using a wide-variety of movements here doing a total of 6-8 sets (go with only one or two sets per exercise). You’ll be using more moderate weights, so you’ll want to work in the 12-16 reps per set range. This week is an excellent opportunity to try out a lot of exercises. Here’s some to consider:

EZ Bar Curls 

One Arm Cable Curls  

 Reverse Curls 

Concentration Curls

Don’t overdo it this week. Get to the gym, get a bit of a pump, and finish up.

There’ll be plenty of chances to go wild again next week . . . and you should. The cycle can be continually repeated with solid results.