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Fig fruit natural food supplement for the player bodybuilding

Is a seasonal fruit grows on trees and is one of the berry fruit family, recent studies have proved that it contains potassium, fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, yes it is as a food supplement normal, and should be on the top of the list of fruits to the player bodybuilding.

Amino, yes is a natural food supplement, and should be on the top of the list of fruits to the player bodybuilding.


Figs like many fruits wonderful source of fiber, and this means that LDL cholesterol low, which supports cardiovascular and vascular health, and also helps to promote digestive function and prevent constipation

Fatty acids:

Always man hears the word fat eating is believed to be harmful to eat on health, fat is not always a bad thing, and a lot of players now understands the importance of essential fatty acids in the diet, and figs contain acid or omega 3 and
omega 6, as well as phenol, which helps turn lubricate the joints and prevent inflammation, and also helps the body to create protein to build muscle and tissue.

Figs, like other many fruits high nutrition and high in potassium, which helps regulate muscle function and prevents cramping, at the same time is very useful to regulate the level of sugar in the blood.


Figs contain a high content of calcium, which means that it strengthens bones, prevents muscle cramps and tendons.mucilage:If you are infected with a cold Ovaltine helps to relieve sore throat, as it can help it to discharge phlegm and clearing the airways.

Amino acids in the figs:

Figs contain high levels of certain amino acids, specifically (leucine, lysine, valine and arginine), and of course as we know that the important amino acids to build muscle by helping the body to create a protein within the body and muscles, and plays a vital role in promoting job the brain and the formation of important enzymes.

Amino acid group mentioned very important, especially arginine (arginine) useful for the secretion of hormones, as well as nutrients to all parts of the body through the blood, arginine helps produce testosterone is important in building muscle and increasing strength and size, also stimulates and maintains sexual function in men and increased self-confidence, so figs food supplement natural for players bodybuilding and improves sex life.