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Workout Chart to Build Big Chest Muscles

Chest muscles affect movement of the arms and assist with shoulder function and stabilization. They let you swing a bat or racket, push carriages up a hill, throw a ball, etc. For both women and men, robust pectorals also provide a firm appearance to the upper torso. Since chest muscles have a key role to play in both aesthetics and function, building them is important. A chest workout chart comprising body-weight training is a good way to start.


Chest workouts must always start with a warm-up. A few minutes of cardio, such as light jogging or high-knee marches, should suffice. The first set of exercises should be focused on lengthening the chest’s front.

Big Basic Lifts = Aesthetics, Strength, Power

The biggest mistake that many people make with their chest workouts is that they don’t focus on big, compound lifts. How many of your chest days involve pec dec machines & 100’s of pec flyes? Here’s the truth: these exercises are literally a complete waste of time. You will never build and muscle with the pec dec machine.

This is the problem with so many training routines, stick with the proven basic lifts that work.

If you want your chest to grow, stick with the big three: barbell & dumbbell bench press, barbell & dumbell incline press, heavy dips. No machines, no pec decs. Sorry guys, this is the key to full chest development. Here is why we skip out on decline bench presses.

Full Chest Devlopement Full

The most important rule to having a fully developed chest is that you must work the upper chest just as much as your lower chest. Since your upper chest muscles are the most stubborn for growth they will need just as much attention.

Not to mention, if your bench press has been plateaued for a while, hitting your upper chest hard may be exactly what you need to break through it.

Most people focus 90-95% of their chest workout on the lower-mid pectoral muscle development without even knowing it. It should actually be closer to 50-50.

The best chest workouts will grow the upper and lower sections equally.