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The Best Traps Workout For Men & Focusing On The Overall Mass The Muscle

It's winter, and that means more layers, baggier clothes and looser fits. But everyone needs to look a little larger than they are, and a good way to show off your body is with bigger traps, especially when it's cold outside. Here are five moves you must use to blast your traps.

Flared lateral raises

 This is an awesome twist on an already effective traps exercise. Using dumbbells, perform a traditional lateral raise but with your traps flared (or rotated) forward. You can do this by concentrating on pushing your shoulder blades back.

Traps push-ups

 Great to work the entire trap muscle. Think of a pushup, but instead of your hands on the floor, put your entire forearm down. When it comes time to push, use your back and push through your elbows and forearms. This seems easy at first but you’ll feel your traps working. Try putting a weight plate on your back if you feel you need to.

Shrug swing

 I like this exercise because it’s similar to a traditional front raise but with this slight tweak it works the lats a bit better. Holding a kettleball or weight in both hands and with your legs spread a bit wider than your shoulders, swing the weight (controlled) out in front of you and really try to shrug at the top of the motion.

Upright row

 I realize that this isn’t new or even out of the box, but it is an effective exercise to build big traps. When doing these though, concentrate on pulling up with the traps and avoid cheating by leaning forward or backward.

Cable Face Pull

Attach a rope attachment to the high pulley of a cable station. Grasp it overhand, as in a triceps extension, sit your hips back, and pull the cable to the bridge of your nose. Pause, then slowly return to the start position. This dynamic move has huge benefits for both the traps and the rear delts, and also helps to stabilize shoulders and improve posture.