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Workouts to build bigger forearm muscles

Perform Forearms once a week and not more than twice a week. As forearms also receive constant stimulation during bicep exercises they require less sets. I suggest once a week total forearm workout is sufficient for its complete stimulation.

Sample Workout  forearms

Seated/Machine Reverse Wrist Curl    Sets   3   Reps    15,12,10

Seated/Machine Wrist Curl    Sets   3   Reps    15,12,10

Farmer’s Walks    3    Failure (60sec rest)

Wrist Roller    3     10, 8, 6

Gorilla Grip Trainer/alternative    3    20,20,20

Towel  pullup   3   Reps    15,12,10

Behind the Back Cable Curl    3   Reps    15,12,10