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How to Build That Sculpted Muscular Chest ?

Traditional bench-pressing done with heavy weight on a barbell and lowering it all the way to the chest results in easily preventable shoulder injuries. Without getting too detailed, lowering a heavy barbell all the way down to your chest stretches and places a great deal of (loaded!) strain on your shoulders, while simultaneously forcing them beyond their normal range of motion = bad combination! There are much safer, and more effective ways to challenge your chest. Traditional exercises such as seated chest presses or barbell bench presses can certainly work your chest but, on the other hand, taking away a little stability (by using a Swiss ball or training one arm at a time, for example) challenges your entire nervous system and forces your body to utilize spinal, shoulder, hip, and even knee and ankle stabilizers - all while giving your chest an incredible workout. Most of the exercises in this workout follow this school of thought; give them a try and see the difference!

When you structure your chest workouts around these movements, your chest muscles will be on a fast-lane to growth.

Best main movements;
Flat or decline bench press (for targeting overall chest area, decline is actually more effective!)
Barbell or dumbbell incline press (for targeting the upper portion of the chest)
Best assistance movements;
Cable cross (remember to cross the cables at end and contract)
Dumbbell flyes
Weighted dips

You may have seen some people recommend all kinds of crazy chest movements for targeting some weird section of the chest or getting that “burn” feeling, the truth however is that those five movements are all you EVER need for explosive chest muscle growth.

Here’s an example routine;

Decline bench press with dumbbells 4×3
Incline press 6×3
Dumbbell flyes 8×2
Cable crosses 12×2
Weighted dips 1x to near failure (but not to failure!)


Chest muscle growth is not rocket science, and you don’t need any high-rep BS or magazine workouts for getting that steel plate chest.

Just remember to use effective movements, constantly progress to heavier weights (progressive overload), and train heavy. This article should literally be all you need training-wise.

Also remember that the male upper body grows best when it’s subjected to high testosterone levels (due to being dense in androgen receptors), thus I would recommend this training program specifically tailored for maximal hormone response.