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The Amount of Protein Intake Needed After Workouts?

Refueling after exercise is key for rebuilding muscle tissue and glycogen stores.  Exercise can break down muscle fibers which hinders building muscle and strength.  However, getting adequate nutrition through the day, and after exercise, can offset muscle break down and contribute to muscle growth.

Athletes need about 1.2-1.7 gm/kg of body weight.  Most athletes get their recommended amount of protein throughout the day if they eat a balanced diet.  You don’t necessarily need to drink o eat a protein supplement after working out.

Supplements can be convenient and portable, but real food can work well for restoring muscles after exercise.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when planning your post exercise nutrition and protein intake.

1. Bigger athletes don’t necessary need more protein. The researchers suggested that the amount of muscle worked in a specific training session has a bigger impact on the amount of protein needed afterwards, than the entire amount of muscle in the body. So the assumption that larger athletes need more protein may no longer be viable.

2. The amount of protein your muscles need after your training sessions may be dependent on the type of workout you’ve performed. Researchers found that volunteers muscles were able to grow and recover faster from exercise after consuming a higher quantity of protein, no matter how big the man was. They think that nutritionist should recommend the necessary amount of protein also based on some details about the type of training.