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Friday, April 21, 2017

12-Minute HIIT Workout toTarget Arms

Turning your arm workout into a high-intensity interval session makes the most of your time in the gym, both with a shorter bout overall (just 15 minutes!) and by adding even more value to those single-joint moves like curls and tricep extensions.

“The moves in this workout are designed to maximize fat burn while targeting specific muscle groups in the upper body for optimum results,” says Derek DeGrazio, trainer and managing partner of Barry’s Bootcamp South Florida.

Choose dumbbells that you can safely move with good form for the full minute of each strength move.

1 minute jump rope

1 minute walking planks

1 minute jump rope

1 minute tricep dips

1 minute jump rope

1 minute bicep curls

1 minute jump rope

1 minute overhead press

1 minute jump rope

1 minute hammer curls

1 minute alternating overhead press


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