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Training hard means you’re pushing the weights every workout and you get after it.  Training smart is sometims a little more difficult to accept.  Training smart means you’re picking the right exercises for you and you’re not being restricted to what everyone else is doing.

A good coach is going to take you off benching with a barbell if your technique is bad or it’s causing some pain in your shoulders.  While your boys are hitting bench, you’re hitting neutral grip bench or dumbbells or a Swiss bar.  That is absolutely fine.  In fact, it’s really smart.  The goal is to get stronger and stay healthy.  Not beat your body up and force your joints outside of their limitations with certain exercises.  There’s always a different bar and there’s always a different exercise.

Close Grip Bench Press

Do you start your upper body pushing day with bench press? Once you’ve finished your flat bench press workout, try a couple of sets of close-gripped bench pressing to warm up your triceps.

A normal bench press grip – with your index fingers positioned on the inner edge of the bar’s grip – spreads the load evenly across your triceps and pectorals. The closer your grip gets, the more weight is transferred from your chest to your triceps.

Keep the weight as heavy as you can handle and focus on keeping your elbows close to your upper body. This exercise targets all three of your tricep heads, making it an excellent warm-up before you start performing triceps isolation exercises.


Change your stance slightly and the good old push-up becomes an excellent exercise for building big triceps. Instead of keeping your hands at shoulder width, bring them closer together so that your index fingers touch for a special triceps push-up.

Close grip push-ups force your triceps to press your entire bodyweight up from the ground. Although they’re not the hardest triceps exercise, they’re a great choice for pumping blood into your triceps after a heavy bench press or dips routine.

Start with sets of ten push-ups, then increase reps and sets as your triceps become stronger. Leave push-ups until the end of your workout, as you’ll get better results from focusing on pressing exercises at the start of your training routine.

 lying Ez bar Triceps Extension

Hold EZ bar at the inner hand placements with palms facing away from you. Extend your arms straight up towards the ceiling and keep your elbows soft.
Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and bring the bar down towards your forehead. Try your elbows to stay in a fixed position directly above your shoulders and press the bar back up into your starting position.
Be focused and do not allow your elbows to rotate out to the side. Keep your elbows close as much as you can to the body.