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Admit it – you're not satisfied with the size of your arms.

Despite the rainbow of medium-sized UnderArmour shirts that you wear to the mall in a valiant effort to impress the high school girls, you're not fooling anyone, least of all yourself.

You're not alone. Poll a hundred meatheads and it's unlikely you'll find a single lifter who's satisfied with his arm development. The fact is, hundreds of thousands of lifters grew up admiring Arnold's guns and aspired to one day achieve his level of jaw-dropping arm-growth – to no avail. Sadly, most lifters just don't ever obtain impressive arm development.

There's one rule of Big-Arms Training: You must focus on getting stronger at compound exercises. And when we say compound movements, we mean exactly that; exercises that involve multiple joints, allow you to use the most external load, and give you the most bang for-your-gettin-gunny-buck.

  program for bigger arms :

Day 1: Chest and Triceps
Day 2:Back and Biceps
Day 3: Shoulders and legs
Day 4:Biceps and triceps(arms)

How to make it better i want to get bigfer arms w/1month!