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Most tips to Enhance Your Muscle Building Results

What's the best muscle builder workout out there is? It's not the exercises found in fitness magazines--do those and you won't get any results at all.

When training one specific muscle group, most think that only exercising just that group at the expense of the others is the way to get results. This makes sense-right?

"Conventional wisdom" is ALWAYS wrong

Here are 3 keys to getting ripped NOW:

#1) Keep your workouts SHORT

In addition to the mental benefits of this, your testosterone output is actually the highest at the 30-45 minute mark. After 45 minutes it's totally exhausted.

So make SURE your workouts never go past 45 minutes--otherwise you are killing your progress. This is probably the BIGGEST thing you will ever hear about getting ripped.

"Go all out... and get the heck out"

When you cut out the 95% of exercises that make no difference your gym time will be cut down dramatically.

#2) Do NOT worry about tempo

Just about everyone is worried about this "hot button term".

The truth?

This is that it is basically WORTHLESS for any muscle builder workout.


Tempo is basically how fast you can do a repetition. It measures the first 3 stages of power development: starting acceleration, progressive acceleration, and power output.

So when you hear the temp terms such as 232, it means you lowered the weight in 2 seconds, held it at the bottom for 3, and raised it in 2.

It measures the SPEED of the workout

It's not that the speed isn't important-obviously the faster you can lift a weight the stronger you become. But it just gives you too much to think about when exercising.

#3) Lift a HEAVY amount of weight as FAST as possible

These are the ONLY 2 things you need to focus on when workout out --anything else is just over-complicating matters. The best muscle builder workout will incorporate those 2 principles.