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Best Movement Killer Back Workouts For Mass

This is a hard and heavy back workout that works the back from top to bottom. Lat thickness, lat width, as well as the spinal erectors. For the first exercise I’m blasting out heavy weights for high reps to really push myself and stimulate some new muscle growth. Then for the remaining exercises I’m doing a standard 5 x 5 set and rep pattern.

The workout consisted of 1 arm dumbbell rows for lat thickness. Weighted pull ups for lat width. And good mornings for developing the spinal erectors, lower back, and core.

 Arm Db Row

Sets: 3(each arm), Reps: 8-12, Rest: 90 Seconds

Note: This exercise is going to sculpt your rhomboid muscles and is the best iso-lateral type movement for building that barn house door back. The 1 arm db row allows you to work each side of your back individually chiseling your rhomboids to aesthetic perfection.

The Classic Pull-up

Sets: 3(each arm), Reps: 8-12, Rest: 90 Seconds

Probably the most essential back-building exercise, the pull-up incorporates using the lats to pull through the movement as well as incorporating the stabilizing muscles.

Rhomboids, traps and supporting muscle within the spine help stabilize the movement- allowing the lats to move freely in a singular plane for maximum muscle growth. Definitely a good one!

a) Begin the movement by positioning arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart on pull-up bar, palms facing forward.
b) Keeping the shoulder and scapula down and tight, slowly pull chin to furthest possible.
c) Hold at top for 1 second and squeeze the movement.
d) Slowly return down to bottom, keeping constant tension on the lats.

TOP TIP: Can’t do this many pull-ups on your own? Grab a partner to support your feet to free some weight off the movement or use a pull-up assist machine.

Good Morning

Sets: 3(each arm), Reps: 8-12, Rest: 90 Seconds

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, resting a light barbell across the back of your shoulders, not your neck. Hold the bar in place with your hands and stand upright, core braced and shoulders retracted. Take a breath and hinge forwards from your hips, not your waist, allowing a slight bend in your knees but keeping your back flat. Lean forward until you feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings (but don’t go beyond horizontal), then, as you exhale, reverse the move to stand up straight.

Good Morning Form Tips

Avoid craning your neck to look forwards as you lean forwards. Instead, keep a neutral spine by looking forwards as you stand and towards the floor as you lower to horizontal.

Push your hips back to maintain balance and drive them forwards to initiate the force to return to standing.

Keep a tight grip on the bar, pulling it into the soft muscle of your shoulders as you lean forwards so it doesn’t put pressure on your neck.