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What’s the Best Workout Bodybuilding ?

When it comes down to it, how you approach your fitness is a combo of goals and priorities. If you want the mass of The Rock or the washboard abs of Matt Bomer or to have the speed or agility of Usain Bolt or Cam Newton, you have to put in the work. If your goals are less lofty—you want to feel good, maybe lose a few lbs or just maintain where you’re at—you still have to figure out how workout sessions will fit into your life. Not to worry, with these strategies, we've got everyone covered, no matter which fitness “guy” you are.

Click through the following pages to find out which one you most identify with—the Guy Who Has No Free Time, the Guy Who Can’t Motivate, the Guy Who Needs to Lose 30+ Pounds, the Guy Who Wants to Bulk Up, the Guy Who Wants to Get Cut, or the Guy Who Wants to Get Faster—and how to maximize your training strategy to fit your persona.

The BEST Workout Program Doesn’t Exist…

The so called Best Workout for a beginner, would not fit the needs of a competitive bodybuilder (and vice versa). In addition to that, your body is constantly changing. The workout routine that may have worked for you in the past will probably not be beneficial to you in 6 months or a years time because your body will have grown bigger, stronger, and your work capacity and recovery abilities will have changed.

So rather than wasting your time looking for the “Best Workout Routine”. Just pick a workout that fits your current situation, your exercise equipment availability, your schedule, etc. and take Nike’s advice and “Just Do It!”

The program doesn’t have to be perfect, all that really matters is that you make progress. Each week strive to do a little better than you did the week before, either by adding 5 pounds to the bar, doing an extra rep per set, or increasing the volume of sets, reducing the rest periods between sets, etc.

Incorporate some form of progressive overload on a weekly basis. While it may not seem like much at first, making little bits of progress like this will add up over time. And before you know it you’ll have made some BIG improvements in strength and muscle gains.

However, you need to realize that no workout program will keep working forever. Your body will eventually adapt and plateau to every single workout program that you follow, it’s just a matter of time. When this happens to you, don’t freak out because it’s normal and happens to everyone. No one can follow the same workout routine forever and make non-stop progress. Everyone from beginners to top level pro bodybuilders will eventually hit a plateau and their progress will come to a screeching halt.

When this happens you need to change things up. Do a different workout program, different exercises, different set and rep pattern, etc. Do something that your body is not used to in order to provide unique muscle stimulation that will start the growing process all over again.

Adapt – Grow – Plateau & Repeat…

Eventually you’ll plateau to this “new” workout routine, and you’ll have to start the process all over again. We are always going to be in the process of starting a workout program, growing, adapting, and plateauing to that workout program – then repeating the process all over again. This process is the secret to making continuous progress over the long term. You grow, adapt, plateau, change your approach, and repeat. Every single successful bodybuilder on the planet has gone through their own unique variation of this process.