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These tips will give you super-fast results, whether you're a newbie, a regular, or a fanatic.

Tips for Beginners
Whether you've been working out for two weeks or two decades, you're probably making mistakes that prevent you from getting optimal results. Here are some exercise dos and don'ts from top fitness pros.

1. Warm-Up

The basic rule before starting any physical activity is to warm up. Warm up will increase the blood circulation in the body which will reduce all kinds of pains, injuries and other complications. Warming up the body will help the muscles to loose and you will be able to perform the exercises efficiently. 

2. Work out every day

Work out every day. That's right, seven straight. "It's important for beginners to form an exercise habit. Doing something daily, even if it's small, helps with consistency," says Liz Neporent, a New York City-based trainer and coauthor of The Fat-Free Truth. For the best results, don't overwhelm yourself. Neporent recommends aiming for 30 minutes of cardio every day and strength training twice a week for two to three months, or until you feel that exercise has become an ingrained part of your daily routine.

3. Exercises

Do not begin with some heavy exercises in the start even if you have done with the warm up. You should always start off lightly doing some slow and light exercises to build up the endurance for some more strenuous exercises. Begin with some easy exercises like brisk walk and jogging and even do these simple exercises for a shorter duration in the beginning.

4. Warm Down

The third and the important step is the warm down which is equally important. This can be done through stretching. Stretching helps the muscles to become tight again and is important for proper shaping as well growth of the muscles. Stretching also helps the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles.

These are the four basic exercise tips for beginners which will help you to develop your stamina and with few days practice you will move on to some more heavy exercises depending on your endurance and limits.