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6 Insider Tips to Boost Your Chest Muscles for Big Gains

We all know that the bench press is a staple in most peoples weight training staple, a fantastic way to pack on lean muscle to the chest area and is an exercise that if you are after serious chest gains you really should be utilising, but how about some little extra tips that you can you too increase chest muscle growth?

1. Isometric tension will make your chest muscles work before you start performing reps so get your chest muscle fibres cranked up by taking a tight grip on the barbell, squeeze it hard and forcibly try to pull it apart, this really is a great way to prime those muscles.

2. According to research undertaken by “The Journal of strength and Conditioning Research” use an underhand grip to bench press to activate 30% more of the upper chest muscles.

3. Use your door frame as a home Gym on rest days by doing stand-up push ups, place your hands either side of the frame and push forwards till you feel tension in your chest, your muscle fibres are tearing rather like they do in exercise.

4. Clap press-ups are a great way to help build a strong chest, the explosive action will work wonders, or you could try a couple just before you are about to bench for an extra lifting boost.

5. Would you like to use the maximum amount of chest muscle with each rep? Set your bench to an incline of forty-degrees according to research.

6. Try elevated-feet decline press-ups by placing your feet on a box or sofa to focus on the upper chest muscles, you are also lifting more body weight this way so are working the muscles much harder, try 3 x sets to failure, then go on to standard press ups to work the lower muscles again 3 x sets to failure.