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Best Hardgainer Arm Building Tips - bodybuilding110

The simple and harsh truth about muscle growth is that some people have better genetics when it comes to building muscle. Others have to work much harder, forcing themselves to the maximum, just to see some growth. Your arms are no exception. While some people seem to manage to build big arms just by doing the most basic routines, there are those whose biceps remain mediocre with hard and intensive training.

Well, although the former may look impressive, there are small chances that you’ll learn anything from these guys. On the contrary, if you want to create a method for developing your biceps, you should probably turn for advice to the latter. They are the ones that needed to come up with extraordinary methods for adding half an inch to their arms. The years of trial and error have thought these hard-workers how to utilize every effort of their sets, trying out different routines and high-intensity principles.
In today’s article we present you with several strategies used by competitive bodybuilders who (believe it or not) had hard time building their shirt-busting arms. Learn about the obstacles that may appear on your road to perfect physique and how to overcome them.


If you find yourself in the average guys lot the following tips will be of a great benefit for you arms development.

1. Train arms on a separate day, not after training a larger bodypart. That way they're fresh and ready to push some heavy weights.

2. Back off the weight occasionally. Try taking 10% off your working weight, slowing down the reps and working for the pump. Keep the reps within 8-15.

3. Focus on building a stronger mind-muscle connection. With less weight, focus on feeling the burn, not counting reps.

4. Every rep should be a quality rep. That means controlling it on the way up, pausing and squeezing the muscle briefly at the top, and lowering in a slow and controlled manner to emphasize the negative.

5. Use a variety of exercises that hit the biceps and triceps from different angles.

6. Consider training arms more frequently than other bodyparts for a period.

7. Use high-intensity techniques such as forced reps, drop sets and negatives.

8. Don't get locked into a particular routine. Experiment with exercises, rep ranges, rest periods and other training variables. What works for someone else may or may not work for you. Try new approaches to spur growth.