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Reproduce Your Bicep and Tricep Exercises With These Steps

Your arms are too small. Or at least you probably feel that way, if you’re like the average guy. But chances are it’s not because you’re neglecting those muscles.

I’ve yet to come across a would-be arms dealer who hasn’t tried every biceps curl and triceps extension in the book. So what’s the problem? 

Bicep and Tricep Exercises

The problem of lean arms is universal. While many men aim at having big bulky arms most of the women crave for lean arms. For having those beauty muscular arms you will have to focus on them and work them out. Knowing the right approach and focusing on them is necessary. The first few days of training should be spent in learning movement patterns. Also, strength is of paramount importance when it comes to bulking up. To reach a specific goal you need to be particular about the bicep and tricep exercises you do. Compound exercises have been known over time to be helpful in bulking up. At first, you need to acquire the extra mass before shaping it up. If you want to build up your arms, let’s know about its composition first. Your arm consists of three primary muscles – the forearm, the bicep tricep workout. Each muscle must be targeted equally to ensure that the muscles work together while they grow.

Following are a few sure shot tips to help you in growing those biceps and tricep exercises. Adopt them for a better tomorrow:

    Eat Eat Eat

You need eat a lot if you wish to grow. But basically, you cannot eat anything. You need to focus on high-calorie content food. Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables must be a priority. All of your exercises will be useless if you are not eating properly. At first, you need to bulk up. Prepare a diet plan which will guide you throughout. Increase the number of meals that you are taking each day. Cut off all the excess fast food that you consume. Protein containing food should be preferred but the diet should not be only rich in protein. You require other nutrients as well. Supplements also work well only you need to know about the right kind of supplement that you must take.

  • Biceps and Triceps


The bicep and tricep exercises are the most important muscles. You should focus on the exercises which will help you in building them. Some of these exercises are  back exercises and arm workouts including chin-ups. The exercises which help in building up the whole body along with the triceps are more beneficial as they will provide proportionality to your body. Feel your biceps and triceps while working. Partial training is not the best and you should go for the fuller arms as possible.
  • Get Strong

Get Strong WorkoutIncrease the number of repetitions of exercises that you do each day. At first start with low repetitions and gradually as you develop strength, increase the number of reps. Do not include similar exercises in your workout routine. Try experimenting with the exercises according to your body type. You also need to grow on the whole. You must do enough reps. Doing less exercise will never give you the results that you are wishing for.
  • Work Out The Other Muscles

Most of the people focus only on upper muscles of arms. It will lead to disproportionality. Your upper body will look heavy and lower portion will look too lean and thin. Go for exercises which will work up your arm along with the rest of the body. Doing too much arm exercises might not be beneficial. To trigger a response from your muscles, you will have to shock them at first. Don’t let your muscles get accustomed to a particular set of exercises. Change your routine in every few days.
  • Avoid Overtraining

At times to achieve the target one starts overtraining. Exerting useless pressure on your body is not going to benefit you in any manner. Overtraining might cause injuries. But you should do a lot of exercises and even different ones to figure out that which one works the best for you.

 Keep A Track

You must regularly analyze and find out if the workouts that you are doing are showing positive effects or negative. Weight your arms from time to time and even measure it. If you do not find any difference then you should change your diet and technique of practice. Formulate future goals and work in the direction of achieving them.

It is also said that to achieve those bulkier arms you should at first get leaner. Get a strip of fat off those arms to make them look bigger and better. You should also try to keep yourself safe while working out. The most common injury is elbow injury and it is better to be safe than to get injured and recover. Apart from taking the proper nutrition, one should also focus on adopting right lifestyle habits.

Warm ups and warm downs are also necessary along with stretching. Adopt a decent workout routine and go forth to achieve those bulkier monstrous muscles.