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This is an unsaid truth - if you have decorated chest and buffed biceps with a combination of narrow or comparatively lesser built shoulder, you are likely to be judged weak on the whole. Not just for looks, brawny built shoulders also helps in almost every other exercise, like pull-ups, deadlifts, bench press and so on so forth. So, Sportskeeda, further, explains the prime muscles of the shoulder and will guide you with proper workouts to build them.

Shoulders have 3 components :

Anterior Head:

o Function: Flexion, Medial Rotation
o Location: Front portion of the shoulder girdle
o Exercise: Barbell Shoulder Press

Middle Head:

o Function: Abduction
o Location: Middle/Side of the shoulder
o Exercise: Dumbbell Side Laterals

Posterior Head:

o Function: Extension, Lateral Rotation
o Location: Back of the shoulder
o Exercise: Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise With Head On Bench

What you can see from the anatomy information above is the shoulder is really made up of 3 different small muscle groups. Many beginners treat the shoulder as one muscle group, and train it like the chest; presses, presses and more presses.
All exercises should be performed in perfect form because bad form or habits that you start now will follow you and will lead to lack of progress or worst off injury in the future.