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5 Tips for Getting Ripped as Fast as Possible

When it comes to tummy troubles and shedding belly fat, the most important key is to stay consistent with your diet. A few months ago, before I had decided to compete, I had a much higher body fat percentage, but yet I ate clean for the most part, worked out regularly and constantly set goals for myself. Now, 12 weeks into my competition prep, I’ve finally figured out a few key ingredients to fat loss and how to tighten up that one devilish area we all put so much focus on. What it all comes down to is the food you put into your stomach. You can do 100 sit-ups a day, but as long as you feed yourself poorly, you will never uncover those tight abdominals. We all have a six-pack… it just depends on how far back in the fridge it is!

five tips and tricks to get your cutting diet headed in the right direction.

Hit the HIIT

What’s hot, sweaty, and really, really sucks?

Your mom!  High Intensity Interval Training! It’s one of the hardest styles of cardiovascular training around, but it’s also one of the most effective. Mixing-up intervals of low-intensity walking and jogging, with short bouts of balls-to-the-wall sprinting, is the most effective way to burn calories and get your daily cardio in. It’s not easy (unlike your mom), but you’ll be able to burn a ton of calories in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

Cut Out Alcohol

Yeah, you’ve probably heard this one before. “But alcohol is a social norm,” right? No, the truth is you do not need poison to have a good time. You can sip on a water with lime and still enjoy the company you’re with and enjoy a nice evening. Alcohol is loaded with empty calories and sugar. Generally speaking, the consumption of alcohol usually leads to snacking and since your body is already working on breaking down those calories, the food you eat will turn straight into fat. If you want a tight and toned tummy, you cannot realistically lose any weight in that area if you’re drinking, even if it only happens a few times a month. Cut it out altogether!

Stop being the Abominable Bro-man

We aren’t all blessed with smooth, hairless bodies, and many bodybuilders are blighted with body hair somewhere on the spectrum between Hugh Jackman and Big Foot. If you’re closer to the latter than the former, and your stomach hair has earned you the nickname of The Abominable Bro-man, take a razor to yourself. Shaving will make your abs more visible, and you’ll be more motivated to step-up the weight loss.

‘Benches 315, weighs 405. Trainers hate him!’
Make weight loss a competition, and lay-down the gauntlet to your bros. Sharing the same goals will motivate you to work harder than ever, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than a bit of trash-talk.                                                                                                                                                  

Limit Cheat Meals

Food is a great thing and the last thing I want you to think I’m saying is that you can’t enjoy it. But what I am saying is that if you really and truly want to flatten your stomach, you need to cut back on the cheat meals. I suggest saving them for special occasions and if possible, still chose healthier options and be portion conscience. Even one cheat meal a week can discourage progress. Try to go a month without any cheats and keep pushing yourself afterwards! Instead of cheating, try to spice up already clean foods by seasoning them differently or making new “clean” combinations. Also, reward yourself by buying a new piece of athletic clothing or some new music to put on your workout playlist. That will keep you motivated for the week ahead!

Drink Your Water

This seems like an obvious tip, but for many it's not. A good percentage of athletes, even hardcore lifters, don't drink enough water. Some studies have indicated that proper water consumption alone could boost your metabolism by as much as 30% (this study involved drinking cold water). It goes without saying that under drinking water while trying to get shredded will slow the process. Stop guessing about how much water you are drinking!