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Bodybuilding diet plan : Quality Protein !

If you are considering on taking a bodybuilding diet, here are a few things you have to accomplish before you try to gain body mass: You have to eat quality protein

ou will gain fat and muscle at the same time. Healthy first and tasty second.
The three rules are the general guide of a person who is into bodybuilding. When one is planning on changing his lifestyle into something healthier, it means he has to drop most of the junk and exchange it with healthy foods. For example, try to eat a gram of protein for every pound of your body weight.
This can be found in chicken, fish, protein powder and lean red meats. It may be irritating but you must be used to the fact that in bodybuilding, muscle and fat are gained simultaneously. In order for you to add more muscle, you have to eat more. The unfortunate thing about this is that eating more equals more calories. What are the chances you will be eating the right amount of food you need to begin with. Chances are you will be eating less of what you should take in to begin with. Do not worry.

If you are determined to gain weight then you also have the motivation to lose the unwanted fat. It is also a sacrifice you must have to make. Whatever is tasty may also be unhealthy. So if you are planning a bodybuilding diet, you have to sacrifice what is tasty. But we’re not saying that it’s plain chicken and brown rice all the time. Well, yes, sometimes but that does not mean you can’t have some treats once in a while. All you need is a little creativity. For examples, spices have few calories but lots of taste.

By using lemon pepper and a little barbecue sauce with a pinch of celery salt, it will definitely be tastier. Here is an example of what a bodybuilder’s diet plan looks like: For breakfast, seven scrambled eggs, specifically 6 whites and 1 whole, a cup of non-instant oatmeal, coffee and apple juice. For snack, a small glass of water and a protein shake. For lunch, a can of tuna, two slices of what bread, a spoonful of sweet relish, a dash of celery pinched with salt and a glass of water. For snack, a glass of water and a protein shake. For dinner, a baked or boneless chicken breast, a serving of green peas, a serving of brown rice and a large glass of water. Before going to bed, a small glass of water and a protein shake.

Water is very important to the body builder. Try drinking a gallon of water each day. If you can, drink two gallons. It is quite important that the bodybuilder is dehydrated most of the time. An indication is the urine being yellow or clear. Water flushes out the toxins in the body and the free radicals that are generated while working out in the gym. It is the preventive medicine you need in your lifetime.

Now let’s say you’re travelling. It may be harder for you to stick with your diet, because the food you’re used to eating may not be available in where you are going. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to stay healthy even when you are on the road. Let’s say you had to stop at a fast food to grab a bite. It’s hard to do this but learn to control yourself. Eat healthy. Do not get soft drinks or candy bars.