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Best 5 Bodyweight Exercises to Build a Ripped Chest

If you’re looking to make your pecs pop, you probably think you need a barbell or, at least, some heavy dumbbells. But that’s just not the case. There are plenty of great moves you can do without any equipment at all—and some that can be done using your own bodyweight and a TRX or band. While these exercises are great for attacking your chest—the pectorals major and minor—they’ll also help get your deltoids, triceps, abs, and more muscles in on the action.

In other words, the following moves will help you get that chest you’ll want to show off on the beach this summer—and carve the rest of your body. Combine them for the ultimate chest day bodyweight workout. Or, sprinkle a few in to your total-body routine.

#1 Parallel Bar Dips

Parallel bar dips are a bad-ass exercise and will fill up your pecs with blood and lactic acid. We prefer the parallel bar dips over the bench dips as your lower body weight adds resistance in the bar dips whereas the bench dips take it off.

While performing the parallel bar dips make sure you bend forward a little as it will put more tension on your pectoral muscles and will eliminate the recruitment of the triceps. Maintaining a full range of motion in the bodyweight exercises is critical for the development of the muscles.

#2 Barbell Rollout Flyes

Barbell rollout flyes aren’t for the faint-hearted. The rollout flyes are for the advanced lifters and include the use of a couple of barbells and weight plates. Don’t worry, you won’t have to lift any of it.

Get into the push-up position and place a barbell at each side, so one end of the barbells are next to your feet and the other is next to your shoulders. Grab the barbells at the start of the grip area and push them apart so your chest is almost touching the floor. Pull the barbells to the starting position where they should be under your shoulders and squeeze your pecs.

#3 Push-Ups (Different Variations)

There are enough pushup variations that you can try a new one in every workout for months. Pushups are one of the basic functional exercises and are one of the first exercises people learn to perform.

You can perform the incline pushups if you want to train your upper pecs, decline pushups for the lower chest, normal pushups for the middle and overall chest mass. Advance forms include superman pushups, clap pushups, one-hand pushups etc.

#4 Resistance Bands or TRX Flyes/Presses

TRX and resistance band flyes and presses are isolation exercises which can target the pecs from specific angles. Resistance bands are incredibly portable and can be taken along in a backpack or a suitcase while you’re traveling.

You can decrease the resistance on the bands by holding them close to the bottom or add resistance by grabbing the bands farther away from the ends. Tie the bands to a straight pole or hang them from a bar near the ceiling if you don’t have an access to a gym.

#5 Medicine ball pushup

Place a medicine ball on the floor and get into pushup position, gripping the ball with hands and fingers pointing down. Lower your chest to the ball and push up. Rest 45 seconds after each set. Starting with your left arm, maintain the plank position as you touch your left arm to your right knee.