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Confused about what to eat before hitting the gym? Experts tell Lisa Antao the ideal foods
We live in an age where people take working out at the gym very seriously but in numerous cases, they head to their gym on an empty stomach either because they have succumbed to the notion that one shouldn’t eat before a workout or simply because they don’t know what to eat. But this doesn’t mean that you chow down heartily before your workout either. The key is to follow a middle path i.e. eating right at the right time.

Fitness expert Namrata Purohit explains, “Exercising with a full stomach is not ideal therefore eating at the right time is important. Even an empty stomach can distract a person during workout. The major source of fuel for the body is carbohydrate therefore it is ideal to have something rich in carbohydrates. Therefore, one must have easily digestible carbohydrates that can help prevent the hunger during exercise and give you energy.”

Here’s a list of foods that are considered ideal to eat before a workout: 

1. Bananas

Bananas are the best pre workout food and listed top.

If you want to train for longer and want to improve performance, include banana in your meal.

Banana act as a perfect fuel and provide essential nutrients. It provides easily digestible carbs, so it keeps your energy level high through the workout.

You can eat 30 minutes before exercise and also for the morning workout.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the best pre-workout food. It can be included in your diet if wish to exercise early in the morning.

While you got for morning walk or exercise, take a small serving of oatmeal before 30 minutes.

Oatmeal contains a good amount of carbs. These carbs provide continuous energy in the bloodstream. So you stay energetic throughout your workout.

To improve it tastes and nutrition, add some fruits in it.

3. Whole-grain cereals or bread

Whole-grain cereals or bread is a good source of carbs, so it provides energy during the workout.

Bread can be rolled with fish, egg, vegetable or peanut butter are the good combination for pre-workout food.

4. Fruit juice or smoothies

Fruit smoothies or juice are packed with high carbohydrates and protein.

Protein is not easily digested. But you can gain benefits by it fast energy releasing carbs.

So include fruits in your diet. It also provides various vitamins and minerals for proper body function.

Also, it fulfills water requirement of the body.

5. Energy bars

Due to today sports requirement, energy bars are widely available. An energy bar is good pre workout food.

You can eat energy bars that provide a good amount of carbohydrate. It also provides essential nutrients.

6. Eggs, fish or chicken

These foods should be included in our pre-workout food.

They provide essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. It provides energy and protein to improve our performance.

7. Sports drink and water

If we didn’t concentrate on our fluid intake then eating a healthy diet are of no use.

Water is most important and plays an important role in our pre-workout food. It helps to stay hydrated throughout our workout. It maintains our body temperature during a rigorous workout. And no food can get easily digested if water is not available.

Sports drinks act as a quick supplier of energy. In a research, it has been proved that sports drinks improve the capacity of an athlete during training or event.

Always eat before 2-3 hours of any workout. You can eat a banana or a very less diet before 30 min of morning or workout.

Never eat a large serving of foods. It will make you sluggish and reduce your mood to exercise. Eat and drink in limited quantity as required by the body. Do not overeat.