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If you want strong, well-defined arms choosing the right tricep exercises for building mass needs to be your number one priority.  Your triceps are made up of 3 Tricep brachii heads: long – lateral – medial. Each of the tricep brachii heads have key rolls in all your pushing movements such as Bench Press, Standing Barbell Press and Dips.  Any pushing movement will engage your tricep muscle at some point.  Most guys training reguarly at the gym understand the importance of tricep exercises however the majority of people still prioritise their biceps over their triceps into their workouts.


1. Close-Grip Bench Presses. These should be performed on chest day, after you’re done with the bench. Use them as a segue into your triceps workout.

2. Skullcrushers. This exercise will help you pack on more mass than any of them, but you will need some gloves and a spotter so that you don’t injure yourself. Get some heavy weights but make sure that you can handle your weight!

3. Overhead Extensions. Get a heavy dumbbell, warm up properly and start pumping. If you don’t warm up, you might injure yourself – that much weight on a cold arm is too much.

4. Dumbbell Kickbacks. While this technique doesn’t have a great reputation as it has been used in all sorts of gym imitating commercials and “sports” shows with little plastic dumbbells. When you do it with 35 or 35 pound dumbbells, it tends to make you realize that it’s still a great exercise.

5. Cable Pressdowns. Do these with a lot of weight on the machine and your triceps will grow like never before, but make sure that you keep your form properly tightened. If you think you can do it, go for more reps.

6. Cable Pressdowns Behind Your Head. This movement lets you have a far larger range of motion than the other, standard pressdowns. Make sure to warm up though, if you don’t want to be sore the entire week.

7. Seated Extensions. Get an EZ-curl bar and do some overhead extensions with it. They’re far safer than skullcrushers but comparable in results. Make sure to have total control over the weight and move through the exercise very slowly to avoid injury.

8. Inclined Close-Grip Bench Presses. This exercise targets your triceps in a whole different way than most close-grip bench presses out there, so make sure you throw them into your routine!