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Skinny People Build Muscle Differently / Tips

If you are on of those lucky people that are blessed with a skinny body that never puts on fat then you also know you carry a curse as well that makes it very difficult to put on muscle mass too. Skinny people build muscle quite differently to other body types you see and if you need to gain weight and pack on muscle you need to know how to gain muscle mass in a different way.

Tired of people telling you how lucky you are because you can't gain weight?  Kick your body into gear with these  tips for packing on the pounds.


if you need to gain weight and pack on muscle you need to know how to gain muscle mass in a different way.

in any activity in life there are three phases: Understanding, planning and action! So before you start building a workout schedule and hitting the weights you need to understand what it is that stops your skinny body from gaining muscle like other people who seem to be able to put on bulk but just looking at some weights and eating a diet of Twinkies and hamburgers. You see the same blessing of being skinny and not putting on FAT is also what limits muscles growth because of your high metabolism.

In case you do not know about metabolism, it is basically the process of your body breaking down food intake and converting it to energy which is used immediately, to keep you warm, stored as fat cells, used to repair and grow muscle or even just wasted. A skinny person will find they chew through energy and nutrients at a very fast rate leaving very little excess to be stored as fat cells and also nothing left to repair and grow muscles which both happen at the end of these phases. This does not mean you can never be fat nor can you never gain muscles it just means your approach to working out, diet and fitness needs to be altered from what the bodybuilding magazines suggest because they are not selling you the things you need to actually work WITH your metabolism.

How to gain weight quickly comes down to a few basic concepts when skinny people build muscle, or try to at least.

    Diet & Meal Planning
    How You Exercise & Lift Weights
    Workout & Resting Regime (this is often neglected by people looking to gain muscle mass fast)