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Forever Complete Massive Big Biceps Workout



We've put together a list of the best exercises that will have you flaunting your biceps much earlier than normal. Just make sure you go slowly and gradually through each routine. Simply read the details of each routine as well as the schedule carefully, particularly if you're a beginner.

The first routine is to chin up.


This is similar to chin-ups done on a bar, except you must keep your hands closer together as you pull your body off the ground with the strength in your arms.

Standing Barbell Curl is the second routine.


This routine is performed while standing up, as the name suggests. With both hands facing away from the body and both arms extended to the thighs, one holds the barbell. The bar is then curled upwards and into the body with the elbows flexed or bent.

Preacher Curls are the third routine.


These are performed with a barbell while sitting on a preacher bench. Meanwhile, when seated, grip the barbell with your underhand gripping elbow extended and your palms about a shoulder width apart. After that, the bar is curled towards the elbows.

Dumbbell Curls are the fourth routine.


Similar to a standing barbell curl, but with one difference: instead of falling straight in front of your thighs, the dumbbells should naturally fall to one's side.

Hammer Grip Curl is the fifth routine.


This can be achieved while standing or while sitting. The rest of the movements are the same as a dumbbell curl, except the hands are gripped facing each other instead of facing the body. After that, the weights are rolled up with the knuckles facing each other.