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How to Increase the Size of Your Arms



Rippling triceps and bulging biceps are attractive to both men and women. Even when hidden by shirt sleeves, giant arms are visible (and will be admired!). Here are some tips for having bigger guns. Nothing says "fitness" like a pair of broad, muscular arms.
To begin, you must vigorously exercise your arms in order to grow larger arms. This isn't something you can do by gripping a pair of rubber balls or spring-loaded hand grips while sitting on your backside. You should go to the gym and lift some weights.

The biceps, a two-part muscle tissue at the front of the arm that is completely contracted when your arms are tightly bowed, and the triceps, a three-part muscle tissue on the back of the arm that is entirely contracted when the limb is straightened, are the two muscle tissue classes that make up the arms.

The triceps are for moving things away, while the biceps are for dragging things towards you.
Curling weights (positive exercise) and avoiding the return to the starting point work the bicep muscles the most (negative exercise). The muscle should be exercised in both areas of the workout by a bodybuilder.
When pushing the bar away (positive) and resisting the return of the burden to the starting spot, the triceps are most taxed (negative). Both sides of the action must be exerted, much like the biceps (or any other exercise).

One day per week should be dedicated to your focus-on-arms workout. Your arms will get some attention on the other muscle tissue group days, but only on the focus day can they be worked to exhaustion. To get bigger guns, you don't have to work them every day.

Biceps Exercises

• Barbell and Dumbbell Curls – These workouts can be performed in a number of ways, including seated and standing. Regulated and unhurried acts are required, with a psychological emphasis on the bicep muscles. Each of the following exercises should be completed in three sets of ten repetitions:

– Seated barbell curl with a tight grip.
– Cheat curl with a tight grip from a standing position.
– Cheat curl with a tight grip from a standing position.
– Curl a barbell in an incline with your face forward.
– Barbell curl when lying face-forward on a high table.
– Dumbbell curl from a standing position.
– Curl dumbbells in an incline position.
– Using the easy-curl-bar, reverse-grip curl.
– Easy-curl-bar concentration curls on Scott Bench
– Curls with a tight grip on a flat Preacher Bench using an easy-curl-bar.

Triceps Exercises
• Triceps Presses, Curls and Press-Downs

– Triceps curls with a tight grip from a standing position.
– Triceps curls with a tight grip in a seated position.
– The French On a flat bench, click supine.
– Curl and press your triceps while supine.
– Bench press with a reverse broad grip.
– Triceps press with a dumbbell from a standing position.
– Push downs on the triceps unit
– Triceps press-downs with a reverse grip.
– Using a wall pulley and a belt or towel, do a standing triceps push.
– Triceps extension with wall pulley when bent over.

Sets of Super Sets

A triceps exercise should be substituted for a biceps exercise for advanced muscleheads that want bigger muscles. This helps you to cut the workout time in half while retaining the quality of the workout. Move from one exercise to the next without stopping, and take a one-minute break between sets.
Now that you've broken the muscle down with this "killer" workout, it's time to relax and repair the muscle tissue. The reconstruction process necessitates a higher-protein diet. Protein should account for at least 25% of your total calories in your diet plan. Dietary fats must also be included since they assist in the digestion of protein.

Protein supplements, as well as amino acids in the form of Lipotropic 3, a mixture of three essential amino acids that aids in weight loss, are helpful. Tablets of desiccated liver and kelp are also beneficial. Cold-pressed wheat germ oil can boost your energy levels and endurance.
I hope this information helps you get bigger guns than you've ever had before!