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These 3 Moves From The World's Strongest Brothers Will Help You Gain Muscle


They sure know what they're talking about when it comes to strength training, as World's Strongest Man finalists in 2019.

Here are their three favorite strength-building exercises, as well as some pointers on how to get the sets and reps just right for maximum muscle development.

Deadlift with Bands

If you're having trouble without all those extra weight plates lying around the gym, the Stoltman brothers have the solution. Bands of resistance They're a perfect way to add tension to your movements, whether you have a barbell or just a band.

If you want to really develop strength and "get beefy," the brothers suggest 6-12 reps or 3-5 reps.

Overhead Press for Bands

If you want to be a strongman athlete, you need to master this step. The brothers love it for building boulder shoulders and engaging the heart. If you don't have any weights on hand, this resistance band exercise is a perfect substitute.

For this pass, the guys suggest having some pretty tough resistance bands (the higher the resistance, the tougher the move). To develop strongman-level power, do 3-5 reps with a high-resistance band, or 6-12 reps to get those muscles pumping.

Lifting Sand Bags

Anyone who has watched World's Strongest Man knows how important the sandbag is in the competition. This training motion is one of the brothers' favorites for strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. You don't have a sandbag? To execute this pass, get some compost bags from your local store or fill up a rucksack.

To get your heart pumping, the brothers suggest doing 10 reps of this lift on each side in fast succession — strongman isn't all about lifting hard, you know!

Letter to be taken home

You can still gain strength even though you are unable to attend a gym session. Hopefully, the Stoltman brothers have encouraged you to be resourceful about what you have in order to continue to improve. These three movements are ideal for increasing your strength and conditioning in preparation for serious strongman competitions.