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Fat-Loss Tip: Four B-Mod Strategies



These proven behavior-modification tactics will boost your chances of success once you've decided on a diet strategy:

1 – Seek out social accountability and support.

Your plan must have the support of the people in your life. Let your immediate family and friends know how important your fat loss goal is to you, and propose methods they may help (or at the very least not derail) you, such as not serving you unproductive foods, not making a fuss when you choose goal-friendly restaurant alternatives, and so on.

Consider hiring a coach or accountability partner with whom you can check in on a regular basis. This individual does not need to be on a diet. It's possible that he or she is a paid coach. In either case, you and your partner have a same goal and work together to achieve it.

2 – Minimize Friction with the Environment

Keep your cupboard filled with nutritious meals you enjoy, and keep forbidden goods out of the house. Smaller plates and bowls should be used. Look for eateries that have healthier menu options than the ones you usually go to. Learn to cook from the ground up.

The alternatives are nearly limitless, but the key is to make sure that your surroundings support your new behaviors as much as possible.

3 – Stay away from perfectionism

It's not about being flawless when it comes to fat loss; it's about getting better. Assume that lapses in judgment and willpower will occur from time to time, and when they do, avoid self-criticism and simply go on.

4 – Don't Experiment Too Much With Your Comfort Zone

It's fantastic to be intense until you can't keep it up. Dieters who are successful shed between.5% and 1% of their entire body weight per week. A slightly higher pace of weight reduction is okay, at least initially, if you have a large amount of weight to lose (say 50-100 pounds). Otherwise, eat as though you're a marathoner rather than a sprinter.
Last but not least, don't say you'll start on Monday!

Saying that is a dead giveaway that they're a liar! Even if you're joking, if it's actually important to you, you'll start right now. I understand it may take you a day or two to come up with a plan, but that is beside the point.Today is the day. Your only regret will be that you did not begin sooner.