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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Trapezius Works to Stabilize the Shoulders and the Upper Back

Have you ever wondered why body builders tend to have such curved, muscly necks?

It’s because they’ve heavily worked their trapezius, a large, stingray-shaped muscle. The trapezius starts right below the skull, runs down the neck and across the shoulders and then continues down the spine in a “V” shape.

The trapezius works to stabilize the shoulders and the upper back. Bodybuilding may not be for you, but in order to maintain good posture and avoid back pain, it’s important to keep the trapezius strong.

to learn some easy ways to work the trapezius, whether you’re a regular at the gym or prefer to work out in your living room.

5 Trapezius Exercises.

Barbell Shrugs

This exercise is excellent for working the traps. Secondary stress is placed on the forearms from gripping the weights.

Cable Upright Rows

This is a good exercise for working the muscles of your shoulder girdle. Primary muscles are the traps and the deltoids. Secondary muscles are the biceps, brachialis, and the forearms.

Bent Lateral Raises 

This exercise works the rear (posterior) deltoids and the middle traps. Secondary stress is applied to the forearms.

Face Pulls

This exercise is excellent for building up the trapezius and upper back muscles.

Hise Shrugs

This exercise is excellent for building up the trapezius and upper back muscles.


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