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14 tips to get the best results in the sport of bodybuilding

14 tips to get the best results in the sport of bodybuilding
1. sleep at 10 or 23 o'clock and be relieved of mind
2. eat well at a rate of 3 to 5 meals a day, if possible, or use of a protein (such as Wi protein) without laps to gain weight Muscle Net.
4. psychological factor must be stable (psychologically at ease) because the psychological impact on the body's energy is very large margin.
5. not use masturbation as they destroy the body from all aspects of health and psychological muscle (for singles).
6. If the affected Nvsik iron and do not want to play for more than 3 days go to a running or swimming pool or basketball or Sports etc.
7. Exercise focused on the target muscle and filled your mind with muscle because these are targeted way you will give me a better result 95%.

8. trying to take enough time to rest and eating the rest day of the training does not strain yourself sport Other.
9. If Hasit tired or painful pulling a muscle in a subject does not exercise complete stop to rest and treatment.
10. You must be heated before exercise and this is very necessary to build a strong body and harmonic heating method is (his mind Paul August - Bush in August pressure - Scuba diving in the air.
11. must take out your breath while exercise because concealing psychology is very dangerous on the body.
12. Drink water to cool the body and clean the internal organs.
13. Use of creatine for professionals and not (for beginners) for energy during exercise and propagation of water to clean the internal body members of sediments.
14. lack of chatter in the club because they are wasting your time and the time of your friends and go for a workout of the interest. 

Thanks for reading.