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4 best foods for bodybuilders

We all know that to get results in a game of bodybuilding has to be proper diet and properly provides all the daily food Hajpatk, because by following the right diet and your body will respond properly during exercise better and stronger performance.
Here's my brother sports a list of best foods for 4 bodybuilder:

1 - Egg whites:

If you are a bodybuilder and not put egg whites in your diet you will feel that there is missing something, because it is simply one of the best types of protein naturally located. Eat your breakfast egg dish in the morning ensures you energy throughout the day.
 Nutritional information per egg egg: 99 calories - 6 grams protein - 2 grams carbohydrates

2 - Red meat:

Red meat is one of the best of animal origin protein sources, and is considered the best because it is available on the La Paz out of creatine, which helps in performance within the sports club amounts
The nutritional value of red meat per 100 grams: 138 calories - 24 grams protein - 0 grams carbohydrates - 4 grams fat     

3 - chicken:

Chicken breasts come in third place but are available on the high amount of protein and a small amount of fat
 The nutritional value of chicken breast per 100 grams: 100 calories - 23 grams protein - 1 gram fat

4 - Sweet potato:

You can not build muscle protein alone but should also incorporate some other components here talking about Rbyohadarat because it is responsible for laying the body with energy necessary to perform the exercises within the sports club
The nutritional value of sweet potatoes per 200 grams: 240 calories - Portan 4 grams - 55 grams carbohydrates - 7 grams of fiber

Thanks for reading.