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Brief types of Wi-protein

Brief summary of the types of Wi-protein:

Wi-center protein (Concentrate whey protein):

After doing the process fluid filtration of milk and process it at a certain temperature to get rid of the lactose and fat and cholesterol produced Wi-center Alboudr.
     Wi-center protein in which 80% with little lactose and fat.

Wi isolated protein (Whey Protein Isolate):

It is treated better than Wi-center and be the protein content of 90 to 95% and free of lactose and fat faster in the digestion and absorption of the center.

Ion-Exchanged Protein Isolates

The impeachment by electrical discharges
     Up to 98% protein content.

Hydrolyzed Whey Peptide

Wi-insulated or center but it has a short peptide bonds easy to analyze a water absorption and quick.

Dosage and times taken:

3-Times a day, every time eating 40 grams protein Wye
-qubl Breakfast or between meals
-After Exercise directly
-oqubl Sleeping hours long
It can be used Aktar than three times as meal plan

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