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Can Sex Affect Your Bodybuilding Gains?

Can Sex Affect Your Bodybuilding Gains?

Today in this topic we will talk on the subject occupies important for bodybuilders and is on the Influence of intercourse for bodybuilders.
One of the most important relationships between muscle building and sexual intercourse is the ratio ZINC Zinc in the body. Because at any time the male ejaculates, he loses a large proportion of zinc through semen.

Where zinc is an important Feeds, which obliges the growth of sperm in a healthy and sound. Moreover Zinc also plays an important role in building and muscle growth and be linked to the rate of testosterone in the body, because when the zinc content is low in the body observed a decline in sexual desire and tendency to inactivity and thus forgotten decline in muscle growth.
Since it is the loss of a significant proportion of zinc during sexual intercourse, it must be compensated through proper nutrition and health.

Intercourse and force levels:

The second relationship that you should know about sexual intercourse and muscle building are: force levels have before and after intercourse.
After finishing directly from intercourse you feel the sag and often feel sleep, because it is in these phase will be secretion Alouksystosen OXYTOCIN in the body which plays a role in  gives a feeling of weakness, so it is advisable to separate intercourse for a stake in the gym for 3 to 4 hours.

One last tip:

The next time you ask yourself about the impact of sexual intercourse on bodybuilders, always remember that people who are practicing regularly and follow a good diet enjoy a good sexual performance and do not suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation  

Thanks for reading.