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The most important factors to accelerate the burn rate in the body

The most important factors to accelerate the burn rate in the body -Metabolism

When we talk about weight loss with our trainer or nutritionist, the first Maatrah in sight Kmadrbeyen is the rate of burning in the body, but the burn rate in the body varies from person to person and so see to several factors including: genetic factors, any genetic and also your sex, male or female. But there are several factors that help accelerate the burn rate in your body are as follows:

water :

Water is an important element, if not the most important in burning calories and the recommended amount ranging between 6 to 8 glasses of water every day it certainly will increase the burn rate of the body is better to drink a glass of water before each meal, half an hour.

Muscle Building :

It is known that our bodies are in the process of burning, even though I was lying do not do anything, every pound in our body consumes 6 calories, so the Mmsarsh bodybuilding increases muscle size and thus increases the burning rate gradually.

Aerobic exercise or aerobics:

May not be optimal for building muscle, but certainly they are optimized to increase the burn rate significantly and exciting is that it speeds up the rate of burn even hours after exercise, the integration of muscle building exercises with aerobic exercises moderately Aotair best.

Energy Drinks :

Energy drinks speed up the burning process and then to see the components that contain caffeine, as well as some of the amino acids that increase the burn rate, such as taurine, but I would not advise them of propagating,


Re spices from the burn rate significantly because they contain some of the ingredients one Fmlakh of red pepper over each Wagih are adequate.


The body uses more calories to burn protein much more than any other food item, to replace the protein-carbohydrate foods from time to time raise the rate of burning body.

Black coffee:

When you drink a cup of black coffee you will notice how much energy and activity to the next with no caffeine, which works to raise the burn rate also helps you to focus and take the daily pressures. 

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