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10 Powerful Ways To Stay Motivated in Bodybuilding !

It’s been a little while since my last post, and things have been crazy!  I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and have to admit that I haven’t been able to focus as much attention on the site or my muscle building as I would like.  Now that things have settled down a bit, hopefully I’ll be able to focus on the site.  You may have noticed a few changes to the design of the site, which is an ever-evolving work of art and will continue to morph and change over time.

I wanted to use this opportunity to talk a little bit about staying motivated in your muscle building mission.

Everyone goes through times when they lose focus or motivation towards their muscle building goal (or any goal for that matter).  What separates the strong from the weak is the ability to both realize the lack of focus, as well as overcoming this hurdle and continuing on your path of greatness!

Think of the PRIZE, not the PROCESS

You must BEGIN with the END in mind. Why do people procrastinate and not go to the gym? Because in that moment, the work, the pain, the effort is more real to them inside their head than the pay-off.

Every time this happens to you, you must shift your focus to your end goal. Visualize your body looking and feeling exactly the way you want it to be.

Think of pleasure you’ll experience as a result of having this new body. Find pics on the net of physiques you love and want to replicate. This is thinking of the prize and not the process. When you value the prize more than the process, you’ll never skip workouts (I personally never miss a workout).

Imagine Competing Against Your Rival!

Imagine you are neck and neck with a rival of yours as far as muscle mass goes. He's slightly ahead of you, and you're almost about to give up. Then, you want to get bigger than him so bad, you use that as your motivation. Imagine he's always bigger, so you will never give up. 

Treat Yourself To A New Food

Treat yourself to a different food than your normal diet. No, I don't mean a candy bar or a soda, I mean if you have a steak, try chicken breasts with close to the same nutritional value. 

Be Positive

The type of training the prospects do at AP is very different from on-field football work. They're trained as sprinters to get faster times in tests that they'll take at the combine. Some guys get bogged down by the logistics of the program, but overall the staff at AP doesn't have to do too much to keep them motivated. "I'm not a big fan of hooting and hollering," says Winkelman. "I will let them know when they've done something great, but I will not come down on them hard when they've done something wrong." That positive reinforcement helps the athletes focus on things they can change, rather than waste time and energy being upset. In your own training, reframe the way you think about success and failure. Instead of beating yourself up about missing a lift, think about the things you've done well  like, at least, getting into the gym that night ­ and build on those things. Simply thinking in a different way will help you realize how effective positive reinforcement can be. Another way to stay positive and motivated is with a great workout playlist. Music can and will impact your mindset. You can find out more about the best music for your workout.

Try a NEW Routine

Now obviously I believe that THT is the best workout for anyone seeking size gains. So I’m not going to recommend you do something else.

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 Use Pictures To Motivate!

Use pictures to motivate you. Compare different before and after pictures. You keep getting bigger than the previous picture. You want it so bad, every time you take a picture, you're getting bigger.

Get a Training Buddy

Should be fairly self-explanatory…

You can motivated each other. Help each other. Be accountable to each other (like not skipping your workout and leaving your buddy stranded). Critique each other’s form. Pick each other up if you ever feel like quitting.

Take a Week Off Training

You need time away from training for full SYSTEMIC recovery of the body. Over the long term this allows you to make better gains.

But it also has the psychological effect of getting you re-energized for training again.

Change Your Workout Routine

Change your routine. I do after 8 weeks, then a recovery week. It will get boring doing the same routine day after day, week after week. Changing it up will keep you motivated instead of just doing the same old routine and just lifting to get it done.

 Do It For FUN!

Do it for fun. I'm not saying just do it and having fun out there and not having intensity and just doing it laughing the whole way. I mean to enjoy what you do. Have fun lifting, and dieting. I used to hate it and just do it to get it over with, now I love every bit of it.

In this article, I've outlines 10 ways to stay motivated. Never stop looking for ways of motivation. All that will make you do is want to quit because you've lost yours. There are many other ways of motivation than the ones listed here, so never stop looking for ways. I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Stay motivated!