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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Top Workout Routines for Men

Working the chest just once a week is simply not going to help you get nice, broad pecs unless you have nearly a full hour to devote to chest alone.

Some of us guys are extremely time-pressed, and we only have two to three days a week to exercise. For this scenario, a full, multi-muscle workout can be extremely effective.

Others have a bit more time flexibility, and can squeeze in a workout nearly every day of the week. In this case, working a different body part each day is a good method.

And the remainder of men fall into the middle: able to exercise more than two to three days a week, but definitely not able to get in seven days a week. In this case, a five-day workout split comes in handy.

So what’s the best way to get the fastest results when you’ve got five days to work with? You’re about to find out.

Most five-day workouts are based on body-part splits that isolate specific body sections. For example:

Day 1 - Chest & Biceps
Day 2 - Cardio
Day 3 - Legs
Day 4 - Back & Triceps
Day 5 - Rest
Day 6 - Shoulders & Abs
Day 7 - Rest

Unfortunately, the reality for most guys, and especially for skinny “hard-gainers,” is that this scenario provides too much rest for some muscle groups. For example, working the chest just once a week is simply not going to help you get nice, broad pecs unless you have nearly a full hour to devote to chest alone.

So what’s the alternative?

You can instead do a five-day workout that has you working your upper body three times a week and your lower body three times a week. Compared to the “body part isolation” split, this will massively enhance results through hitting a body part multiple times during the week.

Peak Physical Condition:

When it comes to getting your body into peak physical condition, it can be a lot more difficult than simply losing weight. Your body can handle a lot of strain, and it takes a lot of exercise to get into peak condition. You will need to do a lot of circuit training, which is doing a lot of exercises focusing on toning every area of your body, all with very little rest between exercises. An example of a circuit training routine is:

1. Bench Press

2. Squats

3. Pull-Ups Squats

4. Push-ups

5. Dips

6. Lunges

These exercises concentrate on exercising the various muscles within your body, all inside a circular pattern. To be able to have the obtain the most from circuit training, you have to allow a maximum of 20 seconds between exercises. Do 20 or 25 repetitions of every exercise to be able to build lean muscle mass in your body.


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