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Training for Size - best Chest Exercises for Mass

Almost every weightlifter has a desire at some point in their years of training to increase the size of their chest. Whether it is to capture the gold cup at a show, or for the sheer strength that a properly developed chest provides, training is both intense and dangerous if done without care for the structure of human anatomy. The idea is to get results safely.

The chest is very important as the second most shown off muscle group after the bicep. For this reason, whether you are a weight lifter, strongman, athlete, or just into physical fitness, a workout routine that trains the chest is going to become a priority at some point. The pecs (short for pectoral muscles) are one of the major muscle groups involved in power lifting.

 Best Chest Exercise for Mass 1: The Bench Press

There are a lot of misconceptions with the bench press. Some claim it causes injuries, which it certainly has the potential to. If at all possible, you need to implement the bench press as it will give you solid mass.

Best Chest Exercise for Mass 2: Incline Barbell Press

It's been said by pro bodybuilders that you can't have too much upper chest development. Incline barbell press will certainly build and shape your chest like no other exercise. It's a good idea to alternate this chest exercise every other week with bench press, doing it first.

Best Chest Exercise for Mass 3: Dumbbell Press (flat and incline)

Dumbbells will quickly let you know if one side is stronger than the other. Both flat and incline dumbbell presses are excellent mass builders. You can alternate them each week (flat, incline).

Best Chest Exercise for Mass 3: Hammer Strength Chest Machines

I'm personally not a huge fan of machines in general but Hammer Strength machines are an exception. Hammer Strength Chest presses (flat, incline, and decline) mimic the true movement of the exercise and allows you to concentrate on the muscle contraction.

These chest exercises should make up the foundation of your chest routine if you're going for mass. Use heavy weights, low reps and train until you reach muscle failure. This will promote muscle growth. Don't forget to consume a lot of quality calories and get proper rest as these are essentials for muscle growth and recovery.