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To Get Abs Fast, Avoid These 5 Beginner Mistakes


I've recently discovered that many newcomers make the same blunders. Because these errors are so important to having six pack abs, they are preventing individuals from reaching optimum success with their Fitness Program.
Now, I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did, so I'm going to jump right in and assist you avoid these "beginning" blunders on your way to six pack abs. These are also mistakes I made when I first started working out and attempting to get a toned stomach, so I'm familiar with all the minor strategies for avoiding them.

These are five starting mistakes that I chose because the majority of people, including myself, overlook them. Of course, you're encouraged to avoid mistakes like incorrect form or training the same muscle every day, but the points I'm about to make aren't reinforced enough, so I'd want to emphasis them.

"What exactly are these blunders I can avoid, I want to know!" you're undoubtedly thinking. Well, you're about to find out, because we're ready to dive right in.

#1 Putting Too Much Food In Your Body To Gain Muscle

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MANY individuals make this error on a regular basis. If they're a tiny person (like myself) who wants to gain bulk muscle quickly, they believe the only way to do so is to eat a lot of food and cram their bodies with protein.

Yes, you need a lot of protein to gain muscle mass quickly, but don't "overload" your body by giving it 9,000 grams of protein after 15 years of eating 50 grams of protein every day.

Yes, I exaggerated a little, but you get the idea. You will simply gain undesired fat as a result of this, and you will go from "thin" to "skinny with a bunch of fat hanging off your belt." Don't make this mistake; instead, gradually reduce your protein and carbohydrate intake.

Don't feel that you have to eat a lot of food to grow muscle quickly because you don't have a time limit. No. If you don't get "ripped" in a month, the world won't swallow you up, so keep your food consumption in check and you'll be on your way to healthy muscle growth and flawless abs.

#2 Not Creating A Workout Schedule Or Plan

This is especially true for me, as I am far from perfect and am still working on it. Yes, putting together a flawlessly structured fitness plan or program can be quite difficult for a variety of reasons.

For starters, it takes a long time.

Second, there just isn't enough time in the day to write one.
Third, you lack the motivation to complete it.
Whatever your motivation, if you want to succeed, you must create an exercise plan. When you do this, you'll be much more motivated to exercise because you'll know exactly what's expected of you that day and that it'll be well worth it.

When you don't have an exercise routine, it's difficult to keep motivated and get off your arse to do it since it seems worthless.
For me, working out without a specific regimen that I can follow makes me feel like I'm all over the place, training different muscles, so it feels silly.
Yes, I realize that's a lame excuse, but I'm truly working on completing my ideal fitness program.

#3 Not Prioritizing Your Objectives

Again, I am entirely guilty of this, but I intend to correct it by creating a set of goals that will inspire me to work harder in the future.

So, why are objectives so important? Your precise objectives are what will motivate you to work harder and get your six-pack abs, or whatever it is you want to achieve.
It seems futile to work out if you don't have any goals because you have no idea where you want to be in X number of days or what you want to accomplish. When you do set objectives, though, you know exactly what you want and how long it will take you to get there.

When you consider where you'll be if you achieve your goals, it gives you that extra "push" to get off the couch and into the gym. Setting goals has a tremendous psychological effect because it genuinely aids you in achieving your objectives.


#4 Starting a Fitness Program by Yourself

You don't have to go it alone just because you have a precise set of goals and a specific workout routine. I felt this way because I wanted to accomplish things my way without relying on anyone else.
I was a fool for doing so, and now I only work out with my friend and never alone. When you workout with someone, the atmosphere changes considerably, and your results improve dramatically.
I also consider him to be my accountability partner because he ensures that I exercise and eat properly because he genuinely cares about my Fitness Plan's success.

Key Tip: Find someone who cares about you and is willing to help you* I do the same for him, but I feel like I need him more than he needs me because I am so lazy and unwilling to workout half of the time. So, if you want to get great workout results, go out and locate a workout friend.

#5 Exercising Without Stretching

Stretching is essential for anyone who wants to obtain six pack abs, lose weight, build muscle quickly, or do all three at the same time. There's no reason you shouldn't stretch since those who don't stretch are either too proud to accept advise that appears to be useless or egotistical enough to believe they know everything.

I used to be both of these things, and I still am on sometimes. However, I've learnt to listen to advise when someone gave me this tiny suggestion, which significantly enhanced my workout performance and provided me an extra "boost" in my results.
Stretching before and after workouts is essential because it allows you to build more muscle and work out for longer periods of time by warming up and cooling down your muscles. My recommendation is that you stretch for at least 10 minutes before and after your workouts to avoid injury and achieve faster, more powerful results.