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10 Benefits Of Strength Training For Women

"Women are finally warming up to free weights, and it is a beautiful thing! 's true that women are recognizing strength training as a major player in the battle against fat loss. Here are the top 10 benefits women  receive from strength training:

10 Benefits Of Strength Training For Women

1)Increased Metabolic Rate

This is a very important benefit of strength
training for women. A good strength training program will increase your
resting metabolism by increasing the calories you burn every day!  This helps
you reduce body fat much more quickly!  This becomes especia
lly significant
for middle age women, because strength training can help them avoid the
typical metabolic „slump‟ that often occurs at that stage in life.  Therefore, the
to staying lean as we age is not to eat less, but to do more strength

2)Increasing Bone Density

Strength training prevents and combats
osteoporosis by maintaining or increasing bone density.  This reduces risk of
fractures and other health issues.  Once again, this becomes even more
important as we age.

3)Lean Muscle Gain

Note: You will NOT get big and bulky by strength
training! Women do not produce enough testosterone to develop excessively
large muscles.  You would need to train with very heavy weights, eat
significantly more, and dedicate yourself for years to becoming a
in order to “bulk up”, and even then most women would not become overly
muscular.  Simply lifting weights as part of a regular strength training program
will make you leaner, stronger, and more “shapely” or toned.  Keep in mind,
for every poun
d of lean muscle you have you will burn about 50 calories each
day!  This is a good reason to maintain or gain that lean tissue!

4) Injury Prevention

Strength training strengthens our muscles and
tendons, as well as bones, as already mentioned.  Once aga
in, this is
important as we get older. Strength training for women and men is highly
recommended for injury prevention.

5) Better Balance

Stronger legs and core muscles, as well as greater
neural muscular control, means an increase in overall balance and

6) Perform better

If you are training in a particular sport, increased strength in muscles due to resistance training can improve your performance dramatically.  All professional athletes spend time in gyms and for good reason; building strength can give you an edge on your opponent.

Even if you only workout to stay healthy or for fun, increased strength can make your exercise routine easier and more enjoyable.

) Feel stronger

Feeling strong and healthy goes a long way in effecting our mental wellbeing and how we feel about ourselves.  People who feel good about their bodies are more confident and generally feel happier in their day to day lives and strength training can help with this.

Being physically strong can also give you the freedom to do many different activities, jobs or simply give you the energy and strength to run around after active children daily.

 8) Enhanced Performance in Sports, Exercise and Life In General- climbing stairs, carrying the kids, or walking with your spouse becomes more enjoyable.

9) Aging Gracefully- strong muscles build a strong body. Strength training and fitness can help keep aging bodies in well-working condition.

10) Feeling Better and Looking Better- strength training reduces overall body fat, it tones our muscles and it builds confidence.