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4 Foods do not Recommend Them After Training Bodybuilding

After your performance violent training in gym bodybuilding advise others to eat after exercise even directly benefit Your body exercises and reconstitute itself, but there are fed harm this building that you want and you have to know and avoid.

Immediately after exercise.

1 - foods with fat

Where slow down fat digestion and the last thing you need after discharge from training, where he stopped fat
The process of absorption of carbohydrates and protein that your body needs to repair muscle fiber.

2 - salty snacks 

Such as potato crisps and salted body where a lot of potassium is important to lose in order to regulate fluid and reduce muscle damage and which are low after exercise beware of them. 

3 - high-sugar juices

 As that would lead to raise the sugar in the blood to increase the proportion of insulin, which delays the process of digestion and reduces fat lossAnd it leads to many problems such as dizziness. Replace carbohydrates the body where energy is given after training.

 4 - vegetables

 Vegetables is very important to lose fat and get salts and minerals, but do not recommend it after training, where they contain a tiny amount of calories while your body needs a higher calories and amount of protein for tissue repair and muscle fiber.