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Fruit Helps Amplify Muscle and Fat Loss

Fruit is very important for the bodybuilder in the amplification and fat loss
Both because it contains many important vitamins for body building.They also contain useful sugars few calories and calories,Very help in the weight loss so we came to you with a list of the fruit, which It will help you achieve your goal in bodybuilding.

1 - kiwi

It contains vitamin C is very useful in bodybuilding as an antioxidant
So it helps to burn fat fast.

2 - apples

Containing acids helps to burn fat easily and the amount of sugars by
Few and important for both players bodybuilding.

3 - watermelon

 Improves lose blood in the body to transport nutrients and helps to relax the musclesWhich increases the magnitude of the muscle and reduce fat.

  4 - bananas 

Banana fruits that contain carbohydrates is very important for breakfast because it restores Special diet muscle Algilakojin stock, and is also useful after the training to fit Potassium needed by the body after violent exercises.