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The push-up is maybe the most ubiquitous and prescribed exercise in all of fitness-dom. They’re part of the fitness qualification testing for almost any military or law enforcement agency, athletes are tested on it in the pre-season, bodybuilders use push-ups as a finishing move on chest day. No matter where you go in this industry, push-up prowess is still considered a commodity. But as with any other exercise, the push-up can become stale. Here are 6 ways you can reacquaint yourself with the torso-blasting benefits of this timeless bodyweight move.

1. Elbows In

 Keep the elbows nice and snug to the body as you go through the movement. Not only will you save your shoulders from unwanted stress, but you'll hit the triceps more effectively too.

2. Max Reps in a Minute

This is the standard typically used by military and law enforcement for trainees.  Some guys can get down and do push-ups all day (freaks). But how many can these guys do in 60 seconds? Every once in a while, take the time to set the clock, hit the deck and max out for 60 seconds. It may not sound like much time but your screaming triceps and pecs will think otherwise. This also has the benefit of driving a ton of blood to working muscles, giving you an insane pump that you thought was reserved for weight-based moves.

3. Pushup with arm reach

Target area: arms

Using slideboards or Valslides, slide one arm out in front of you as you lower your body until your elbow is locked straight. Switch arms with each rep.

4) Speed Reps

Another problem with the push-up crowd is that it typically performs all the reps at the same speed. Since the push-up is a bodyweight-based exercise and most people develop proficiency fairly quickly, you can amp up the intensity and recruit more total muscle by simply varying the speed of the reps performed. Begin with a 15-rep set that consists of five explosive reps (<1 second) followed by five super-slow reps (7-10 seconds) and finish with five “normal” speed reps (1-2 seconds). As you progress, try adding one rep to each “gear” so that you’re completing 18 reps, 21 reps, and so on.

5. Chest to Floor

 If you really want to get stronger at push ups, treat them like deadlifts. Come to a dead stop on the floor and push yourself off the ground with good form using zero momentum. A two-second pause on the ground will ensure this happens, and train your starting strength in the process.

6. Clap pushup

Target area: chest.

At the peak of your pushup, push yourself up off the ground and quickly clap in midair. The fast jolting force of clap pushups will help you develop explosive power while also bulking up your pecs for a superhero chest.