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10 Best Exercises For Developing Ripped Delts

Ripped and toned shoulders help add definition to the upper body and it helps men achieve a mesomorph look.  In addition, the shoulders perform a wide range of movements used in everyday life, making this muscle group crucial to everyday living.

The shoulders, also known as the deltoid muscle, are responsible for lifting the arm vertically out at the side.  The deltoids have three portions: front, middle, and rear, all of which need to be worked regularly in order to have well-rounded and strong shoulders.  The shoulder is considered a “ball-and-socket” joint, meaning the joint can move around in all different planes and can even perform circumduction.  Now that you have a little background on the deltoid muscle and the shoulder area, now is your chance to begin developing shoulders that will have the ladies oohing and awing over your ripped delts.  Listed below are the ten best shoulder exercises you need to add to your workout in order to add strength and bulk to the deltoids.

1 -Dumbbell Lateral Raise

2 -Barbell military press

3 -Arnold press

4 -Include the shoulder press with dumbbells

5 -Behind neck press and reclined shoulder press.

6 -Reverse Cable

7 -Incline Bench Press

8 -Dumbbell Snatch

9 -Landmine Press

10 -Dumbbell Shrugs