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Best Back Routine & The 30 Minute Series

This workout, which covers back as well as abs and lower back, alternates weekly workouts that emphasize strength (4-6 reps) with ones that emphasize mass (8-10 and sometimes 12-15 reps). Simply insert these workouts into your current routine to build a stronger, thicker back and a rock-solid midsection.

Choosing the correct weight is critical; in your strength workouts, make sure you pick a heavy weight that causes you to reach muscle failure on only your last set for each exercise at the target rep. Although you’ll take longer rest periods, you’ll move through your size-gaining workouts faster using relatively lighter weights for higher reps, with drop sets and supersets thrown in to increase the intensity.

30 Minute Series: Back

Barbell Deadlifts
Bent Over Barbell Rows   

Pull Ups   

Lat Machine Pull Downs

Straight Arm Pull Downs   

Seated Row Machine