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Best Exercise Ball Workouts Back And Abs

Most of the exercises making up an abs workout on the exercise ball will strengthen the back as well as the abdominals and other core muscles.

An exercise ball is a piece of equipment that you will find at any gym. You can also buy them for home use. They are not expensive.

Exercise balls work by requiring you to use your muscles to balance or keep stable. Therefore they are also sometimes called stabilizing balls. The exercises may sound easy, like children’s games, but if you try them you will find that a lot is required of your abs. If you do not feel this at once you probably will feel it the next day!

Abs Workout Stabilization Exercise

Hip Raise

In & Out

Hamstring Leg Curl

Reverse Hip Raise

Ball Side Crunch

Knee Tuck

Pike Crunch

Scissors Crunch

Decline Push-Ups

Back Extension

Back Stretch

Alternating Superman

Finally, repeat walking forward on hands until the ball is under the thighs, stay there and do pushups. Do not go too low at first. Do the reps then walk back to starting position and finish.

Cool down with some stretching, because the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the back will be very tight after this back and abs workout on the exercise ball.