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20 Natural Way to Increase Growth Hormone Level

Growth hormone in humans is one of the most known structural hormones when mankind. And is the most widely used stimulant among athletes, because of the many benefits on muscle growth and fat burning.

They do not know many people that they can increase growth hormone levels naturally, without the need for injection or doctors, and thus avoid the side effects or other adverse effects may come from the use of steroids.

That has compiled a list of 20 natural way to increase the level of
 Growth hormone to build muscle and get rid of fat unprecedented way!

1. Karp buck Ludin carb backloading
Karp buck Ludin is a way of eating is specially designed to be structurally as much as possible. Invented by physicist John Kiefer, after 20 years of research on the human metabolism and hormonal functions

2. laughter
In a study conducted in 1989, researchers found that people who offer them a comedy for 60 minutes increased growth hormone levels have increased by 87%

3. detox (or what is known as Detox)
Centered detox process, about the liver clean to help it work properly, as this helps to increase levels of the hormone growth, because your body can not use the growth hormone until it passes through the liver where you turn into IGN-1 (insulin-like growth factor) then it is ready to consume by the body

Liver that is not working properly to a decline in growth hormone levels of lead, as you may notice it yourself

4. Mucuna Briorens

Mucuna Briorens are stunningly Altistestiaun and stimulate dopamine, recent studies have shown that the catalyst Altistestrun this has the potential to stimulate the growth hormone also

Mucuna Briorens enhance growth hormone levels because they contain a high level of L-Dopa, and is pioneering dopamine, which is scientifically proven that it helps the pituitary gland to release growth hormone heavier and

5. weight loss

On the whole, people who have high levels of fat in their bodies tend to possess high levels of insulin as well. This excess insulin will curb production of growth hormone.

If you want to increase growth hormone levels naturally, lose those extra tires!

6. strength training
Strength exercises, as you might in your mind wanders, increase growth hormone levels significantly.

The same pattern in both works, testosterone and growth hormone, exercise at a high pace

In a recent study, researchers found that exercise increases the squat testosterone and the hormone levels more than any other traffic growth.

 7. Fasting
Many people think that whenever you ate more than your body grew better.

In a study at the University of Virginia, the researchers noted that after 24 hours of fasting increase growth hormone levels by 2000%!

Yes, it's true 2000% is the percentage increase in growth hormone after 24 hours of fasting.

8. glutamine
Researchers at the Medical College of Louisiana gave a group of people 2 grams of L-Glutamine is dissolved in a cola drink

The 90 minutes of glutamine dissolved in cola consumption, human growth hormone levels rose significantly between members of the group tested.

9. L-arginine 

L-arginineSome studies show that the all-arginine increases the growth hormone levels.In one study, researchers gave a group of people, a mixture of L-arginine and L-leucine, and a sudden growth hormone levels rose at a rate of 700% 

10. Avoid sugarSugar consumption leads to high insulin causing braking levels of testosterone and growth hormone.In addition to the rest of the negative effects of sugar on hormones Fbalamkan get rid of it and bring it out of your diet without being subjected to any harm

11-vitamin D

 Activated vitamin D is in fact not a vitamin. It is a steroid hormone that regulates up to 1,000 human gene.At the University of Genova in Atalia, the researchers said that the vitamin D is linked to the growth of muscles, and later it became clear that vitamin D plays a key role in several operations help high growth hormone levels.Moreover, vitamin D is also good for enhancing testosterone levels in the body and a lot of other functions of the body, therefore, good reason to start refueling D

  12. Each stop all 

Each stop every pattern is fasting intermittently and is the best pattern quite.Invented by the nutritionist Brad Beilun, and this revolutionary style of feeding may support more than 200 study.The best part of this diet is that it increases the levels of growth hormone significantly, through a diet program that contains a lot of "24-hour fast way" which leads to improved growth hormone levels to 2000% as mentioned above.

 13. Melatonin 

Melatonin is a hormone in the brain called the "sleep hormone" or "the night hormone", because it improves the quality of sleep drastically.A recent study found that the secretion of melatonin before bedtime increases the growth hormone levels to 157%There is one way to increase the production of melatonin during the night to sleep in a totally dark room. I mean completely dark in the literal sense, a study has shown that light led one in a microwave or Maizhabha able to interfere in the ability of the pineal gland to produce melatonin during the night.

 14. Sleep

 moreGrowth hormone is secreted more during stages of REM (ie during phases of rapid eye movement) of your sleep, and dozens of studies have confirmed that as grown, the more hormone production increased growth.You can also improve the quality of your sleep Baltazod melatonin or make you do things increase the production of melatonin naturally, like sleeping in a dark room entirely as mentioned above.

15. frequent high-intensity training HIIT

Science has proven that high-intensity training HIIT frequent increases production of growth hormone radically.

The key here is to increase your heart rate with intensive exercises and short leads to a significant increase in growth hormone.

Another factor in HIIT which increases the growth hormone is activated "muscle fibers by leaps and bounds" after activation of these fibers will lead to the launch of testosterone and growth hormone in the bloodstream.

16. L-Leucine

In a study to Compare All-Leucine with all-arginine showed the influence of the great all-Leucine, where growth hormone increased by 700%

Alhamadan these acids may Akunan best promote the natural growth hormone finder yet.

And has also appeared in many of the studies, the all-Leucine improves protein synthesis also helps in weight loss and help him build lean muscle, and are all clear signs of its potential to increase growth hormone.

17. L-ornithine

Iapaniyon researchers found that 8 grams of L-ornithine consumed before exercise by people who weigh 80 kg, will lead to a 300% increase in the production of growth hormone.

In any case the following evidence may appear contradictory to you to a large extent. In a recent study in Finland reported that there are significant differences in the levels of growth hormone after giving a group of individuals 2 grams of all-Ortinin.

As well as in another study from Poland where the researchers to give a group of individuals over 10 grams of all-Ortinin before weightlifting session. The results were a significant increase in growth hormone when all individuals.

As you can see previous The evidence seems inconsistent and contradictory.


Fenugreek is a good choice for the supply of testosterone, but did you know that there is a recent study in Korea showed that the ring is able to increase growth hormone nicely.

19. creatine

Creatine is the most attractive component to the attention of researchers in the world of bodybuilding, dozens of studies have shown that it increases the growth hormone effectively, and this is one of the reasons why creatine works great in building muscle.

Each person has done research about the nutritional supplements for bodybuilders know that most of the products of the hip failed to survive after the discovery of creatine.

On the other hand, creatine is one of the products that remained for many years.

20- GaBa

GaBa or Gamma-Butyric acid is a neurotransmitter found in the first place in the nervous brain. GaBa body is derived from glutamine.

Studies GaBa that increases the growth hormone after training showed. The increase has been very sharp in terms of growth hormone levels have increased four-fold.

But GaBa does not have this effect if it does not take large doses, because the acids in the human gut are broken GaBa particles before they reach their destination, a brain.

 you can see after reading the menu, we can easily manipulate the levels of growth hormone, if you are thinking of taking injections for the treatment of growth hormone, think again.